Please note that wall art is sold as an item requiring home installation. As such we have provided instructions for you to follow. The instructions give a simple and easy to understand overview of how to apply vinyl. All our wall stickers are removable.

How to apply your wall art

Please read through these instructions carefully before you begin. Wall stickers are simple to fit but do require you to take your time and follow all the necessary steps. You will be unable to reuse or reposition your wall art so please take your time to plan where you want to place it before you begin.


how to apply
Carefully choose your position and hold your wall sticker in place with some masking tape. Apply pressure over the graphic with the squeegee - this helps it adhere to the application paper.
how to apply
Peel away a small amount of the application paper making sure to lift the graphic. Apply this to the wall to get you started.
how to apply
Use your plastic applicator to apply pressure in over-lapping strokes starting at the top while also removing the backing paper.
how to apply

Leave your wall sticker in place for around 30 minutes, then remove the carrier paper slowly. Take your time and look out for any part of your wall art that may be lifting, if this happens smooth the carrier paper down and apply a little pressure to that area.



how to apply

Top tip: Pull the carrier paper at 180 degrees as shown, this will minimise the wall art lifting.


Take a look over your wall art, if you have any air bubbles you can take a pin and pierce the edge of the bubble and push the air out.


And finally, enjoy your lovely new wall art!

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