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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my wall stickers made from?

All wall stickers are made from high quality self adhesive vinyl. This is a long lasting material and is thoroughly tried and tested.


When will my wall stickers arrive?

We always aim to ship products next working day, 1st class with Royal Mail.


How much will postage cost?

Orders to the UK will be shipped for free.


Can I move my wall sticker after I fit it?

As our wall stickers are long lasting they will stay on your wall unless you want to remove them, when you do remove it however, it will not be re-usable.


Where else can I use wall stickers?

You can use this product on any clean, dry and smooth surface - Kitchen units, shower screens anywhere you think it will add some style.


Can I use wall stickers on wall paper?

Your wall art is not intended for wall paper. There is a possibility of the transfer tape damaging the wall paper on removal and the wall sticker itself is likely to cause damage if you ever want to remove it. You can however use your wall stickers on wall paper if you are happy to take a chance.


Can I return my wall stickers?

All wall stickers are made to order, we cannot offer a refund due to any errors when placing the order or fitting your wall stickers. If however, your product is damaged then please return it to us in the original packaging and we will provide you with a replacement.

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